10 Ways To Keep Your Home and Office Cool This Summer

With the UK currently experiencing a heatwave and temperatures in some parts of the country hitting 30C, many will be asking how they can keep their home and workplaces cool this summer.


As homes and other buildings in the UK are designed to retain warmth in the cold winters, summer can be a particularly uncomfortable time indoors as temperatures start to creep up.


In office buildings, productivity can drop significantly as it becomes hard to concentrate and remote workers can also suffer if the temperature in their homes is too high to work efficiently.


Fortunately, there are many steps you can take to keep your home or office cool in the hot weather. From practical tips to worthwhile investments, here are 10 ways you can beat the summer heat.

Tips for Keeping Your Home & Office Cool During Summer

If you’re currently struggling to cope with the summer heat, here are 10 ways you can cool down your home or office space.


  1. Check Your Thermostat – It may sound obvious, but checking your thermostat is switched off should be your first point of call when trying to cool down your home or office. You may be surprised to find your heating is still on a timer or a constant setting from the colder months.


  1. Block the Sunlight – Keeping the curtains or blinds closed during the day blocks the sunlight and prevents the room from getting as hot as it would. This is particularly important for South facing windows which will get a lot more sun throughout the day. In office spaces, moving desks away from South facing windows can help to prevent employees from getting too hot throughout the day.


  1. Open Windows and Doors Strategically – When it’s warmer inside than out, opening the windows and doors can help lower the temperature and let in much needed fresh air. For maximum effectiveness, open windows at opposite sides of the building to create a cross breeze which can move through freely.


  1. Unplug Unused Appliances – Appliances that are either left running when not in use or left on standby will be adding to the temperature of your room unnecessarily. These appliances commonly include games consoles, TVs, chargers, computers and kitchen appliances. Unplugging these when not in use prevents the temperature from rising and could also help you save money on your energy bill!


  1. Turn Off the Lights – As well as appliances, light bulbs generate heat when running and should be switched off when not in use. In offices, motion sensor lighting can be a worthwhile investment which means lights are automatically switched off when the room is not in use. We also recommend ensuring all your lightbulbs are LED lights which are more efficient and produce less heat than other types of bulbs available. As well as keeping your office cooler, both of these tips will help to lower your energy usage.


  1. Invest In a Fan – Fans are a low cost investment that can help keep you cool and provide a stream of air into the building. Beware that on very hot days, fans without any cooling features will simply be circulating hot air around the room which can be uncomfortable. To increase the effectiveness of your fan, try putting a bowl of ice directly in front of the fan to create a cool breeze as the icy water evaporates.


  1. Open the Loft – If you have a loft then opening the hatch during warm days can help to cool the room, this is because the warmer air will rise into the loft and out of your room. In multi-storey office buildings, leaving the entrance doors to higher floors open can be an effective way to achieve the same result.


  1. Avoid Using the Oven – Ovens, grills and hobs generate lots of heat and raise temperatures within your kitchen when in use. Eating meals which do not require cooking can keep your home cool as well as keeping your body temperature down. Alternatively, summer is the perfect time for a BBQ and cooking outdoors will prevent unnecessary heat in your home.


  1. Air The Building In the Evening – When the temperature outside starts to drop in the evening, opening your windows and doors can help to reduce the temperature inside. Beware that insects may be attracted to the lights inside your home, so fly nets can be a worthwhile investment if you plan to keep your windows open at night.


  1. Invest In Air Conditioning – Installing an air conditioning unit is by far the most effective way to reduce the temperature of your home or office in the summertime, ensuring your building is at the optimal temperature without having to worry about opening windows. If you currently have an air conditioning system, having it serviced annually by an AC engineer will ensure that the unit is functioning as expected and providing you with the maximum benefit.

woman sat on the sofa pointing a remote at the air conditioning unit

Benefits of Air Conditioning 

Investing in an air conditioning system offers several benefits and ensures a pleasant environment throughout the year. The key benefits of air conditioning systems include:


  • Modern air conditioning units can provide both hot and cold air, meaning air conditioning is no longer just an investment for summer and can keep you comfortable all year round.
  • Dust and pollen filters mean that as well as being cool, the air quality inside your home or office will be improved. Whilst leaving a window open can reduce the temperature inside, this can be disruptive for those with allergies and also lets noise and insects into the building.
  • Climate control technology helps to reduce your energy usage.
  • Having your home or office at the optimum temperature makes you more comfortable and can help to boost productivity.
  • The range of different units available means your air conditioning system can be designed with your exact requirements in mind.

Types of Air Conditioning Unit for your home and commercial premises

Air Conditioning Contractors Bristol

As temperatures continue to rise, a professional air conditioning unit is a smart investment for homes and businesses across the UK.


At Bristol Air Conditioning, we have a team of expert air conditioning engineers that can install a range of AC units in your home or office to keep you comfortable all year round.


If you currently have an existing air conditioning unit which is currently underperforming, we also provide AC servicing and repairs, with most faults diagnosed on site.


To get a free quote, give our team a call today on 0117 964 0078 email info@bristolaircon.com or fill out the form below for more information.

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