Bristol Air Conditioning Donates AC Unit to St. Helen’s Primary School Library

In the world of air conditioning, it’s not often we are faced with a challenge as unique and interesting as our recent installation at St. Helen’s Primary School.


The team at St. Helen’s had embarked on the journey of transforming an old aeroplane into a usable library for the children at the school.


Unfortunately, with no ventilation the space was extremely cold in the winter months and too hot in the summer months, making it difficult to use.


The team at Bristol Air Conditioning stepped in to donate a modern AC unit including professional installation to make the space comfortable all year round.


With the aeroplane having no working ventilation, the would-be library was difficult to use, being too warm in the summer and too cold in the winter.


School budgets have been cut across the country in recent years, so an effective solution would be difficult for the school to afford.


The school needed a ventilation solution with minimal ongoing costs that would provide them with warm air in the winter and cold air in the summer.


At Bristol Air Conditioning, we wanted to give the children at the school the library they deserved, and so offered to install a new air conditioning unit, completely free of charge.


The AC unit can provide both warm and cool air depending on requirements, meaning it would make the space usable and comfortable all year round.


The unit itself was installed at a height that ensured that it would be safe from accidental tampering by children, whilst enabling members of staff to adjust the temperature and settings with the remote.


The low operating noise of the unit also means that the children can enjoy the space and read in peace without distracting running noises. The built in air purifying filtration system also means that the unit will cleanse the air of dust and allergens, making it suitable for those that suffer from allergies.


What’s more, the high energy efficiency of the unit means that the school will be able to manage the low running costs of the unit.


The school are delighted with the new air conditioning unit and are now able to provide a fantastic learning experience for the children, just in time for winter.


We are delighted that we were able to make this space fit for purpose and to provide the children of this primary school with the library that they deserve!

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