5 reasons why you should service your air conditioning unit

Whether you’ve just invested in a new air conditioning unit or have had one for several years, regular servicing is crucial to ensure your system functions properly. Neglecting necessary maintenance inevitably leads to a decline in performance and can leave you out of pocket in the long run.


We recommend regular check-ups and preventative maintenance to ensure optimum performance and efficiency. Servicing your unit also ensures you’re getting the most from your air conditioning and is important for the health of you and your family.


Here are our top 5 reasons as to why regular air conditioning maintenance is important.

1) Maximise Efficiency

As with all mechanical devices, your air conditioning unit will wear over time. You can however extend the lifespan of your system with regular servicing which diagnoses potential faults early and minimises the risk of catastrophic failures and expensive repairs.


An inefficient air conditioning unit has to work harder to do its job, meaning not only do you feel the heating and cooling benefits less, but it uses up more energy in the process.


Regular maintenance will ensure your system is free from any debris and that it remains at peak performance for longer, making for a better investment overall.

2) Improve Air Quality

The primary purpose of your air conditioning unit is to keep your environment comfortable by controlling humidity and regulating air quality. The build up of dust and debris within the filter can impact the quality of the air and can lead to associated health risks such as allergies, headaches, or respiratory issues.


Regular maintenance is therefore critical to ensure your environment is supplied with clean air and that your unit continues to remove pollutants from inside the room.

3) Save on Energy Costs

An inefficient air con unit requires more electricity in order to function normally and this increase in consumption can cause your energy bills to soar. Not only does this mean you’ll spend more money on electricity, but a poorly maintained system can lead to expensive repairs if minor faults are left to get worse over time.


Regular cleaning of the coils and filters keeps the system running optimally, ensuring only minimal amounts of electricity is used and ultimately, saving you money in the long run.

4) Better for the Environment

As well as saving money on your energy bills, routine servicing on your air conditioning unit will reduce your carbon footprint on the environment. Having at least one service per year can drastically reduce the amount of energy your system uses and in turn, helps to protect our planet.


With the majority of people now doing their part to make energy conscious decisions, scheduling regular maintenance for your air conditioning ensures that you are doing your bit for the planet.

5) Maintain Your Warranty

Most manufacturers offer an extended warranty on their air conditioning units under the condition that they are serviced regularly post-installation. Often, small repairs can be included within the manufacturer’s warranty and so they are handy to have should you need it. However, if you neglect to properly maintain your unit, your warranty will be left void and so scheduling an annual service gives you peace of mind that your air conditioning system is taken care of.

How Frequently Should You Service Your Air Conditioning Unit?

Even if your air conditioning system isn’t showing any signs of damage or inefficiency, we still recommend having it serviced at least once a year as a preventative measure. If you use your air con frequently throughout the year, it might be worth opting for bi-annual maintenance to maintain optimum performance.

What Does a Routine Service Include?

 A routine air conditioning service involves a general health check of your system to ensure it’s performing efficiently and is free from any underlying issues. It also includes cleaning the filters and coils to reduce the risk of bacteria build up and checking for leaks in the central systems.

Servicing From Bristol Air Conditioning

Our full maintenance service ensures that your air conditioning system is performing optimally and can be used to prevent potential issues from occurring in the future.


Our expert engineers check and professionally clean the internal components of your unit, maximising its efficiency and prolonging its operational life.


To schedule a service, or to find out more about air conditioning maintenance, get in touch with a member of our team or call us on 0117 964 0078 to find out how we can help.