6 Signs Your Properties Air Conditioning Needs a Repair or Replacement

With UK summers getting hotter, many homeowners and businesses have invested in air conditioning units to help stay comfortable through the warmer months.


What’s more, with modern air conditioning systems able to deliver both warm and cool air, an AC is a worthwhile investment which can help keep comfortable temperatures all year around.


Like any mechanical product, the performance of air conditioning units can get worse over time, particularly if they are not regularly serviced and looked after by an AC contractor.


Without proper maintenance, air conditioning units can become inefficient, causing overall performance to decrease whilst using more energy and being at greater risk of breakdown.


If you currently rely on an air conditioning unit to keep your home or office cool, here are 6 signs tht it might be time to contact an AC specialist to repair or replace your unit.


Higher Energy Bills from the Same Usage

If you have noticed that your energy bills have increased despite using your air conditioning the same amount, it could be a sign of an issue with the unit.


As the system circulates air, debris naturally builds up over time which can obstruct the fans meaning they have to work harder to push cool air through.


If left unchecked, this issue can become far more serious as the whole system can become blocked and stop working entirely. As well as increased energy bills, blockages can lead to bad smells and slower cooling.


Of course, higher energy bills can occur for several different reasons, so placing your hand over the fan to feel the airflow should indicate whether there is debris causing a blockage.


Bad Odours Coming from the System

One of the core benefits of an AC system is that it ensures the air quality remains high. This helps keep irritants such as dust and debris out of the air.


If you’ve noticed a musty or mouldy smell coming from your air conditioning unit, it’s likely a sign that there is a build up of debris which needs to be looked at.


In some cases, new air filters will do the trick but it’s always better to get a technician out to look at it straight away rather than letting the problem go unchecked.


If the smell is more like a burning smell, it could be a sign that there is a problem with an electrical component of the unit. This is a serious fault and so we recommend not using the AC any further until an engineer has inspected it.


Unusual Noise Coming from the Unit

It’s not uncommon for air conditioning systems to make a low level of noise during operation, but modern units are becoming increasingly quieter.


However, any unusual or particularly loud noises such as rattling or grinding could indicate that there is a loose or broken part within the fan. These noises should be looked at as soon as possible.


Blowing Warm Air When Set to Cool

An air conditioning unit that’s blowing warm air when set to cool is an obvious sign that there is an issue with the system.


Generally, a unit that is blowing warm air means there is a problem with the compressor in the unit. Other problems that can lead to this include issues with the refrigerant or restricted airflow.


The AC Unit is Old  

As air conditioning units age, they become less efficient and the chances of a breakdown or failure occurring increases.


If your AC unit is very old and you haven’t kept up with servicing and maintenance, it may cost more in inefficiencies coupled with repair costs compared to the installation of a brand new AC unit.


Modern units are far less prone to failure and have become more efficient so therefore provide better cooling and heating without using as much energy.


For this reason, upgrading your old unit to a new one will pay for itself over the years and provide a better result.


Water Leaking from the Unit

Any leakage from your fan should be looked at by an AC engineer as soon as possible. In most cases, the liquid will be water or AC refrigerant.


AC refrigerant is toxic and can cause damage to the surfaces it leaks onto, whilst also meaning that your unit will not be able to produce cool air.


On the other hand, water can also cause damage to surfaces in your home or office as well as potentially causing further damage to the unit.


The Benefits of Air Conditioning Servicing

If you run an AC unit in your home or business, having routine servicing carried out by a professional contractor ensures that your AC is always running at maximum efficiency.


Throughout an air conditioning service, the engineer will check several components of the AC whilst also carrying out essential maintenance such as cleaning the filters to reduce the chances of a blockage.


The key benefits of air conditioning servicing include:

  • Ensures your AC unit is always running at maximum efficiency, giving you maximum value for money
  • Check for common faults to fix them before they develop into more serious issues
  • In some cases, failing to have your unit regularly serviced can void the warranty offered by manufacturers
  • Keeps the air in your home or office clean of pollen and dust
  • Reduces the risk of system failure and costly repairs
  • Can contribute to a longer operational life for the unit


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How Much is Air Conditioning Repair?

The cost of an air conditioning repair will be dependent on factors including the make and model of the unit, age of the unit and severity of the problem.


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