Using Air Conditioning to Heat Your Home this Winter

As energy prices soar across the UK, typical households could see their energy bills increase to as much as £2,500 annually. Despite government support packages, this is still an increase of over 100% compared to the 2020/21 Winter cap.


As a result, many homeowners and businesses will be looking at alternative ways to keep their space warm without relying on traditional heating as well as exploring heating options that don’t rely on gas.


Using your boiler to provide heating throughout your home or business is likely to be one of the biggest contributors to your energy bill throughout the colder months, but what if there was another way to keep warm?


It may come as a surprise to many that air conditioning units aren’t just for cooling a space down, they can also supply warm air which can be used as an alternative to central heating.


Whilst there is an initial investment requirement, heating your home or commercial premises with air conditioning can offer several benefits including more efficient heating of rooms and even a reduction in your overall energy bills.


Find out more about the benefits of air conditioning and how you can use air conditioning to warm your home in our latest blog post.

Features of Modern Air Conditioning Units  

As technology has improved, air conditioning units now offer several features which make them far more than just a tool to cool the home. Most modern AC units provide the following features:


  • Units can provide both warm and cool air, ensuring your home or office is at a comfortable temperature all year round.
  • Air (both cool and warm) distributes evenly to maintain a consistent temperature throughout the room.
  • Modern units are extremely reliable and can provide excellent performance for years with proper care and regular servicing.
  • Our AC units are rated A+++ in efficiency, bringing down your energy use which saves you money on your bills. What’s more, you’ll also be reducing your carbon footprint.
  • Climate control settings allow you to set the exact temperature you would like the room to be, reducing your energy usage further still.
  • Operating noise is extremely low, meaning you can leave your AC running any time of the day without having to worry about being disturbed.
  • Air purifying features mean that your space is cleansed of any dust particles and allergens


Additionally, there are also several different types of air conditioning unit now available including wall, floor and ceiling mounted which make them suitable for any building or room.


All of these units have different benefits and may be a better choice depending on what you are trying to achieve; our professional team can help recommend the best model for your space based on your requirements and budget.

The different types of AC unit

Benefits of Using Air Conditioning for Heating

Most homes and offices in the UK rely on a gas boiler that burns fuel to circulate hot water to the radiators which in turn, produces heat or hot water from taps.


Gas boilers are a proven technology but are reliant on fossil fuels and are a significant source of CO2 output. As a result, current government plans will ban gas and oil boilers from building installed in new build homes from 2025.


This has left homeowners looking into alternative heating options including air source heat pumps, storage heaters and air conditioning systems.


Modern AC units are powered by electricity and have several benefits when used for heating vs a traditional central heating system:


  • Air conditioning units will warm up far quicker than a central heating system, this allows you to use it for shorter periods of time at a lower cost. This feature also means you won’t be left shivering whilst you wait for your radiators to warm up.
  • Your air conditioning system can be used all year round, cooling your home in summer and heating it in winter.
  • Air conditioning units are powered by electricity and are A+++ rated, this means they have a very small carbon footprint in comparison to gas boilers.
  • An AC unit can be used to heat a single room quickly. In contrast, central heating will usually heat the whole building (depending on radiator settings).
  • Old gas boilers are extremely inefficient as they do not condense and recycle heat, these “standard efficiency” boilers can be up to 30% less efficient than new A-rated boilers.


Whilst the initial investment of an AC unit may be higher than other methods of reducing your energy bills, the energy efficiency of these units means that they pay for themselves over time.

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