Which Type of Air Conditioning Unit Is Best?

When talking to customers about air conditioning units, the first question we are often asked is “which unit is best?”. Usually, the most accurate answer to this is “it depends”. The best air conditioning unit for your premises is highly dependent on factors including your requirements, budget and the layout of your space.


There are typically three types of air conditioning unit available for domestic and commercial premises – wall mounted, ceiling and floor mounted, each of which has its own benefits. What’s more, there are many different models available from air conditioning manufacturers which allow for different features and performance.


With so much choice available, it pays to speak with an air conditioning expert first to help you choose the best unit and model for you; giving you maximum effectiveness from your air conditioning unit whilst also ensuring you don’t go over budget.


Our latest blog post takes a look at the benefits and uses of the three most popular types of unit to help you make the best choice.

The Benefits of Air Conditioning

 Investing in a quality air conditioning system comes with numerous advantages and guarantees you the ability to enjoy your space year round. Here are some of the many key benefits that come along with it:


  • Modern units can provide both cold and warm air, meaning that they can keep your space comfortable throughout the year. For more information, take a look at our blog post on using air conditioning to heat your home in winter.
  • With dust and pollen filters built in, an air conditioning unit can help to improve the air quality in your space. This can reduce the risk of indoor air pollution which can contribute to health problems including headaches. Read our blog post on improving the air quality in your home for more information.
  • Modern units are extremely energy efficient and have climate control technology which helps to reduce the amount of energy used and thus save you money on your bills.
  • In commercial premises, having an air conditioning unit keeps the space at a comfortable temperature which benefits customer satisfaction levels and can help staff be more productive.
  • Air conditioning units are an investment which can increase the value of your home should you choose to sell in future.


It’s important to note that to get maximum benefit from your air conditioning unit, you should ensure it receives an annual service from an accredited air conditioning engineer.

Types of Air Conditioning Units & Their Benefits

 The most popular types of air conditioning are wall mounted, ceiling and floor mounted units. Each of these units has benefits depending on your requirements.


Wall Mounted – Wall mounted units are typically placed at height on an interior wall to allow for an even distribution of air. Due to their low operating noise, wall mounted units are an excelling choice for domestic properties and can be utilised in all rooms including bedrooms.


Wall mounted air con unit in situ


Ceiling Mounted – Ceiling mounted units, which are often referred to as ceiling cassettes are mounted flush to the ceiling and distribute air from the sides of the unit. Whilst they are typically used in commercial premises due to their adaptability, cassette units can also be used in domestic premises so long as there is suitable loft access.


Daiking ceiling cassette in black

Floor Mounted – Floor mounted units offer a natural and comfortable airflow through the room due to their position. Floor mounted units are primarily recommended for conservatories or rooms where wall space is minimal.


Floor mount air conditioner


Which Manufacturer Is Best?

With so much choice available, deciding on an air conditioning unit can also be overwhelming without industry knowledge.


At Bristol Air Conditioning, we work with the most reliable brands in the business including Daikin, Fujitsu, Samsung, Mitsubishi, Worcester Bosch and Nuarie to bring you a range of high quality products.


We are certified as a Mitsubishi Heavy Industries 3 Diamond Dealer allowing us to offer an extended 7 year warranty on these products. Based on your needs and budget, our engineers can recommend the best unit and brand for you.


Talk to the Experts

With so much choice available and AC technology continuing to advance, it pays to speak with an expert before going ahead with selecting an air conditioning unit for your home or commercial premises.


Our team of experienced engineers can provide a wide range of AC units that will keep your home comfortable all year long. Additionally, if there’s an issue with your existing unit, we offer servicing and repairs too!


To get started on finding the perfect AC solution for you today, give our team a call today on 0117 964 0078, email info@bristolaircon.com or fill out the form below for more information.

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